This is the way the world ends..

Travis : Hello, Jesus.
Dexter : Hello, Travis.
Travis : What? What is going on?
Dexter : This is the way the world ends. Your world, anyway.

Travis : No! No, no! I’m supposed to finish enacting the seven keys.
Dexter : Sorry.
Travis : But I was chosen! I was chosen to bring about the new world.
Dexter : Chosen to kill innocent people?
Travis : No one is innocent.
Dexter : My son is. You tried to kill him.
Travis : God.. God allowed his son to die.
Dexter : How could you believe in that?
Travis : Because I walk the path of the righteous.
Dexter : I’ve known people who believed in God. They would never use their faith as a convenient excuse to kill ten people. You used God. It’s not the other way around.
Travis : You.. You are a shining example of how putrid man has become.
Dexter : I am a father. A son. A serial killer.
Travis : You’re going to burn in hell.
Dexter : No, I think I belong right here. Because maybe there is a place for me in this world… just as I am. Light cannot exist without darkness. Each has its purpose. And if there is a purpose to my darkness, maybe it’s to bring some… balance to the world. Because, let’s face it, the world is going to be a better place without you.
Travis : The world is going to end. And when it does, I will be by God’s side.
Dexter : You sure about that?
Travis : Yes.
Dexter : Good for you.
Travis : You’re mocking me.
Dexter : No, I almost envy you. It must be nice to be so certain.
Travis : You’re wrong about everything because you don’t believe in God, but I have faith. I trust in God’s plan.
Dexter : Really? Then it must be God’s plan that you’re on my table. Do you think it’s God’s will that I’m about to kill you? God has nothing to do with this! You are wrapped in plastic because I want to kill you.
Travis : This is not how it’s supposed to be!
Dexter : Maybe this is exactly how it’s supposed to be. Maybe everything is exactly as it should be.


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