treatment of the remarkable

Agatha : The things I said yesterday… I put too much pressure on you.
Sherlock : You made some good points.
Agatha : Not enough to sway you though.
Sherlock : You were right. I am… remarkable. That’s precisely why I can’t help you.
Agatha : What does you being amazing have to do…
Sherlock : No, no, no. I didn’t say I was “amazing.” I said I was “remarkable.” The things that I do, the things that you care about, um… you think that I do them ’cause I’m a good person. I do them ’cause it would hurt too much not to.
Agatha : Because you’re a good person.
Sherlock : No, it hurts, Agatha. All this. Everything I see, everything I hear, touch, smell. The conclusions that I’m able to draw. The things that are revealed to me. The ugliness. My work focuses me. It helps. You say that I’m using my gifts. I say I’m just treating them. So I cannot, in good conscience, pass all of that on to someone else. Sorry.

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