same mistake

so while i’m turning in my sheets
and once again i cannot sleep
walk out the door and up the street
look at the stars beneath my feet
remember rights that i did wrong
so here i go

there is no place i cannot go
my mind is muddy but
my heart is heavy does it show
i lose the track that loses me
so here i go

and so i sent some men to fight
and one came back at dead of night
said he’d seen my enemy
said he looked just like me
so i set out to cut myself
and here i go

and maybe someday we will meet
and maybe talk but not just speak
don’t buy the promises cause
there are no promises i keep
and my reflection troubles me
so here i go

i’m not calling for a second chance
i’m screaming at the top of my voice
give me reason, but don’t give me choice
cause i’ll just make the same mistake again

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