Eskiden çok sevdiğim bir sitede vardı: Tamamen boş, fonksiyonu olmayan bir buton :) "stress tuşunda anlam arayan varsa, derhal siteyi terketsin..."

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right and wrong

Jessica : You were right. And I think you were right that I wanted you to be wrong. And I’m sorry.
Dr. Mendelez : You were right, too. I kept telling myself that I’m fine, but… it’s been hard. Got me second-guessing myself, maybe affecting my judgment. I don’t know.
Jessica : If we’re hurting so bad, maybe we made a mistake.
Dr. Mendelez : No. It just means that what we had mattered. Doesn’t mean that it was right. I’ve also been thinking that… arrogance does make me a better surgeon. But it’s not gonna make me a better husband.

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