Benjamin : Got a light?
Joel : Sure.
Benjamin : Thanks. Not in a sociable mood tonight, huh?
Joel : Guess not.
Benjamin : Me, neither. I’ve never really understood fireworks.
Joel : We used to love them. I mean, I did. Now they’re just… lights in the sky.
Benjamin : Lights in the sky.
Joel : You think…
Benjamin : What?
Joel : You think we’re ever really forgiven for the mistakes we’ve made?
Benjamin : Who do you want doing the forgiving? God?
Joel : People.
Benjamin : People never forgive. Not in my experience. They say they do, but they don’t. I’m not even sure forgiveness really matters.
Joel : Why wouldn’t it matter?
Benjamin : Well, what is it, forgiveness? It doesn’t mean anything. I mean, you still did what you did, right? Nothing’s changed. Forgiveness is a mindset. Synapses in your brain telling you to think differently about something that’s already happened. It’s amorphous. It’s not really there. And if it’s not really there, what is it?
Joel : God, I hope that’s not true. Every day, I feel like I’m getting kicked in the head a little. I know I deserve it, but I sure would like it to end some day.
Benjamin : Just do what I do, stay away from people. If you’re not around them, there are no mistakes to be made.
Joel : That’s not the answer. You know that. You need people.
Benjamin : To bum a light. That’s about it, though.
Joel : Nah. You’ll change your mind someday. Just wait. You’ll see.

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