A4Tech X7 mouse scroll wheel problem and solution

Lately I’d been having a problem with my gaming mouse, A4Tech X7 XL-750BF. It had been making weird jumps while using the scrolling wheel. It is a relatively expensive mouse for throwing out and buying a new one, even it is three years old. When I was googling for a solution, I’ve found out that it is a general problem with A4Tech mice. Too little or dried off lubricant from the factory causes malfunction as the time goes by. But there is a cheap and easy solution for it: petroleum jelly a.k.a. pure vaseline. You can easily get it from a pharmacy.

In this post I’ll be telling how I fixed it with pictures. Click them to view full-size. I now have a mouse like the day I bought it and I hope this post helps others 🙂

IMPORTANT: I confidently open up my devices but I must warn you, this voids the warranty. I just shared my experiences and I must also say that I’m not responsible from the damage you can give to your device because of any lack of skill or misapplication or… just anything.

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