WWN/MAC Formatter

Hi there! Here is a tool for system administrators dealing with WWN/MAC lists which have undesired formats and seperators. Manipulation needs effort and most importantly focus. Tool easily inserts, removes or changes colons and dashes in WWN and MAC addresses. I hope it helps.

As you can see the idea is simple:

- Paste your WWNs (WWID, WWNN, WWPN) or MAC Addresses on the left, one per line
- Choose your type: WWN or MAC (gives error if chosen wrong)
- Choose the desired letter case for the output
- Choose the initial seperator for the input text: colon ':', dash '-' or none (gives error if chosen wrong)
- Choose the target seperator for the output text, same as above without error part.
- Finally hit "Format" button

* Sample: WWN-Upper-none-colon options turn "1234567890abcdef" to "12:34:56:78:90:AB:CD:EF"
* It strips the input to hexadecimal symbols, colon and dash characters before processing to decrease the chance of typo. However the line should be a valid WWN/MAC afterwards.
   e.g. 12:34:56:78:90:avb:cd:ef is still a valid input for WWN since character 'v' will be stripped. However 12:34:56:78:90:afb:cd:ef is not valid and will receive error.

Please leave your comments to here, this blogpost. Thanks!

Erturk Ihsan Limon, 2016

Address Type Target Case Initial Seperator Target Seperator